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Not Quite a Birthday Party at the Mobtown Ballroom

Maybe you've noticed I have been posting more photos recently. I've been inspired by the talented Jerry S. Almonte who I have been lucky enough to collaborate with behind the camera and on the dance floor. I enjoyed getting to see a large collection of his work last weekend and was definitely blown away by the lines, light, and action in the scenes he captures. I almost entirely stray away from dance photography because of the challenge of lighting in most dance spaces, Jerry has mastered the art of lighting when it comes to such a thing. I admired the diversity of his work over time and his creative collaborations with dancers. One of the ways I have been challenging myself to practice photography again has been through offering birthday portraits to friends and fun acquaintances. Here is the man behind the camera for you all to enjoy and a few from the disposable camera that was brought to the party. Happy not quite birthday Jerry!

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