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New Orleans Auction Galleries

Updated: Feb 14

In the fall of 2021 I had the interesting opportunity to work for the New Orleans Auction Galleries as a photographer. It was a very challenging and rewarding experience. Working in a studio we utilized various lights and boards to either reflect or absorb lighting. Photographing a wide variety from furniture, art, fashion, and people it required close attention to detail and occasional photoshop to lessen reflective glare. I don't have many of the final photos, mostly just images from my phone of what our set up was like, but I have included a few of the final pieces that I do have or links to what I saw on their catalogue. A big thank you to Jason Kruppa, a talented photographer and coworker who showed me the ropes of this unique type of photography.

My final day for the season we worked with a model named Ashley. She modeled designer clothing and a nice collection of jewelry. On this shoot I assisted with lighting and design choices. I worked alongside a team that included another photographer, model, as well as hair and make up.

Official Head Lamps Occasionally, we would set up a smaller studio for pieces that needed to be closer to the lens.

Official Photo of Seasonal Hemes scarves.

See official boxed Hermes Scarves photo here.

Official Italian Chairs Photo Here are more of the auction links to some of the pieces I photographed or assisted on. - Natural Horn Elements - Tall Mahogany Clock -Victorian Iron Twin Bed -Art Deco Twin Bed

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