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Midterm Review- Spanish 1: Language and Geography

Today was a great class, I learned, and reviewed 80 basic Spanish words and phrases as well as taught students how to utilize Google Maps to bring the different areas of the world to life. First we reviewed the words very informally, I would read the word and whoever knew it would say it aloud, if none of us knew it we would use Google Translate to find the best answer. Once we had run through the words I began moving those who were finished writing onto the map section, because the students were sitting at circular tables I was able to connect with them very easily and assist them in further developing their geography skills with Google Maps.

I like taking the time to introduce myself to every student and make sure I learn their name at the beginning of class when I can- it helps to build a connection and help people feel seen. Students are more likely to participate or be open to gentle reminders to focus when they feel like you see them. I was able to do this activity by connecting with students individually or in small groups while I led them through step by step verbal instructions and with occasional visual support. Through this lesson students were able to visualize themselves getting in an aircraft and going into the sky as we temporarily said goodbye to Baltimore and zoomed out to space ship point of view. Then we zoomed back in to land in whatever country from the list on the review that the student wanted to travel to. Once we either found it by zooming or searching in the search bar we looked at pictures of bright and colorful Latin American scenes. Students filled in the blanks on the pages- another helpful way to solidify information in their brains so they can recall it later. It was really fun to watch the students momentarily take themselves on a vacation from school while still learning the same information. These are the moments I love being a Social Studies Teacher- opening up the world to others is so bright.

Thank You Ms. Z for the lesson plans and sharing your class with me today.

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