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Leading Lindy at the Omega Institute

Discussing Hellzapoppin' with the class

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”

Henry David Thoreau

About a month before I was set to host the first Lindy Autonomous Zone I was invited to teach some Lindy Hop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. The Omega Institute is an intentional community that values holism, community, sustainability, service, and integrity. Their women's leadership center was founded by some notable people such as Gloria Steinem, Isabel Allende, Jane Fonda, and Sally Field (to name a few). When the opportunity was presented I felt I couldn't say no.

The experience was wonderful and the people were so kind. I was fortunate to be able to participate in early morning yoga and meditation classes as well as an evening tai chi class. I took a beautiful walk through the woods and kayaked on the lake with a lifelong friend. It was an excellent opportunity to rest and focus on the upcoming festival I was planning.

I took the train to Grand Central Station and thought of my Nana. When I was a child we were spending the weekend in the City as a family and Nan had requested a stop at Grand Central. During the visit, she recalled her experience as a child during WWII standing in the station with her mother and two siblings looking up to the top of the stairs and seeing her father returning home from the Pacific. Her parents had met social dancing in New York City in between WWI and WWII. I've seen footage of my great grandparents dancing together at a family wedding, they are the oldest in the room and the smoothest on the dance floor.

Once I was on my connecting train headed up the Hudson I passed through Harlem and saw a sweet billboard with Louis Armstrong. I thought about the joy that Jazz brings and the power of the people from Harlem who created such a legacy with their movement. I love to share Lindy Hop and I felt so much gratitude throughout the weekend.

Thanks Judy, Love you!

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