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So, you're going to Paris ...Grande Mosquée de Paris

So, you're going to Paris, felicitations! There is much to see and do, I thought I would start off with sharing some of the lesser known opportunities. Many are familiar with Notre Dame or maybe even Magdalene, but fewer tourists find their way to the Grande Mosquée de Paris.

Located in the 5th arrondissement it is just a stones throw from the Jardin des Plantes. I would recommend making time for both and if you can, committing a whole day to the area. It is a quiet and clean neighborhood, nice for some peaceful reflection, be respectful and enjoy the oldest and largest Mosque in Metropolitan France.

“When the minaret that you are going to build is erected, it will only rise towards the beautiful sky of the Ile de France, one more prayer of which the Catholic towers of Notre-Dame will not be jealous. France intends not to mock anything, to disturb nothing, to erase nothing from the human soul that could have contributed to comforting it, to elevating it, to ennobling it.”

Extract from the speech of Marshal Hubert Lyautey during the laying of the first stone.

After your visit, take some time to sit at the cafe just around the corner called Salon de thé. Take some time to relax and have mint tea, some sweets, and a comfortable conversation with your friends. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy your visit. See their website here to learn more.

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