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DC Lindy Exchange

Photo by Jerry Almonte

As always, DCLX was great. As the years go by I am amazed at the faces around me that stay the same and I am thankful for the new smiles that join my circle. I haven't been to Glen Echo since before the pandemic and during this visit I was in absolute awe of how lucky we are to get to dance in such a space. It truly is something special.

Bumper Car Pavilion by Abigail Haresign

I don't often pull my camera out at dance events for a variety of reasons; I don't like indoor lighting, I feel uncomfortable photographing people in spaces where I am not as well known as a photographer, and mostly that I want to expend my creative energy dancing. However, so many people had their cameras out this year I felt obligated to take mine out and snap a few shots, mostly outdoor ones. At the end you will find a vlog of the Sunday afternoon jam where Steve Fox absolutely smashes it on the mic. Here's what I got...

Hannah Lane By Abigail Haresign

Tony & Partner by Abigail Haresign

Sunday Afternoon Conversation By Abigail Haresign

Hannah Lane By Abigail Haresign

Julianne Ferrill 'smug face' By Abigail Haresign

Connor and Amanda By Abigail Haresign

DJ Shipp By Abigail Haresign

Julia & Sabrina By Abigail Haresign

Photo by Abigail Haresign

Oh Yeah, I also got up and sang Bye Bye Blackbird which I have been practicing for some time now... it still needs some more practice. However, I did enjoy getting to sing with the largest band and in front of the largest group of people I have ever sung for, so it was definitely a new challenge! First time singing for dancers as well, hopefully there will be many more and each one will sound progressively better.

Photo by Jerry Almonte

Photo by Hannah Lane

Photo by Hannah Lane

Photo by Hannah Lane

Photo by Hannah Lane

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